23 August 2014
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Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary

Welcome to the Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary - the home of the Transactions of the Wessex Institute collection, providing on-line access to papers presented at the Institute's prestigious international conferences and from its State-of-the-Art in Science & Engineering publications.

Papers published by WIT Press are referenced by Crossref, ProQuest, Scopus and other notable index and referencing databases.

Wit Press
Benefits to users:
    Access to over 20,000 peer reviewed papers
    Free abstract search
    Fast download of papers in Adobe PDF format
    Instant access to the latest research
    Great value from $30 per paper download
    Many papers now Open Access


The collection is divided into seven core research areas. Click on the subjects listed below relating to your fields of interest:

The collection can also be viewed by 25 narrowly defined subject areas.


Visitors can search and view abstracts from all papers in the collection without charge or restriction. Full text pdf access to papers is available on a pay per download basis or as part of an institutional subscription.

Open Access
Some papers are part of the WIT's Open Access collection. These are papers that are FREE for you to download, providing that you have registered for an account and are logged in.

When you see a paper flagged with the Icon to the left, the paper is free to download.
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