22 August 2014
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An algorithm for train rescheduling using rescheduling pattern description language R

Author(s): C. Hirai, N. Tomii, Y. Tashiro, S. Kondou & A. Fujimori

We propose an algorithm for automatic train rescheduling with a train rescheduling pattern language processing system.

Intended for restoration from heavy train traffic disruption, our proposed algorithm has inherent abilities to make effective train rescheduling plans.

While the previous algorithm tries to make a train rescheduling plan in small steps, the proposed one surveys the train timetable at first and applies “train rescheduling patterns” to prepare rescheduling plans.

Applying actual train schedule data, we have confirmed that our algorithm works satisfactorily.

The algorithm is helpful for preparation of adequate rescheduling plans for practical applications, especially for severe train traffic disruption caused by an accident requiring more than an hour suspending train operations,

train rescheduling, pattern description, train rescheduling pattern, train traffic disruption, train traffic control, framework of train rescheduling system.

1 Introduction:
In Japan, since railways have a dominant share in urban transportation, the offer of an efficient service for a large volume of passengers is required.

Train traffic, however, is sometimes disrupted when accidents, natural disasters or technical problems occur on railway lines.

In order to restore disrupted services, railways ...

Pages: 12
Size: 1,162 kb
Paper DOI: 10.2495/978-1-84564-500-7/15



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