23 August 2014
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The assessment of Kırkg÷z Bridge in the context of sustainable, cultural and architectural heritage

Author(s): Z. Akdemir & G. Sener

This study includes the examination of Kırkg÷z Bridge, a public structure that is an important part of cultural and architectural heritage and that lost its function as it is out of the transportation networks. The issue that requires this observation is the alteration of the watercourse of the bridge, which is located on Akaršay Stream adjacent to the city of Bolvadin (Polybotum) on the western part of Anatolia and on the historical King Road. Since it was removed from the transportation networks about a century ago, the bridge has been in danger of being destroyed.

In addition to that, the bridge may lose its identity because of the inappropriate interventions of the institution (Head Office of Highways) that undertakes its protection, maintenance and responsibility. The purpose of this examination is to determine the properties of Kırkg÷z Bridge, which includes highly important information about history.

For that purpose, documentary information, which includes historical events that have happened near and over the bridge, many interventions that the bridge went through and all other factors that shaped its form and structure will be presented to the architectural environment in a chronological way, and suggestions for its reevaluation in the context of sustainable architectural heritage will be offered. As a cultural property that should be protected, the concept of Ĺarchitectural heritageĺ is often used instead of immobile cultural entity.

Architectural heritage is regarded as an economical asset for the utilization of the resources by the European Council.

They state that this heritage is an expression of history and the richness of cultural differences, a guide for a harmonic communal balance and to assist communal integration.

As well as providing a variety of material for presentation and comparison of different forms, it also carries a huge potential to ...

Pages: 13
Size: 4,430 kb
Paper DOI: 10.2495/SW100121



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