30 August 2014
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A satisfaction survey of high-rise residential management in Malaysia: sustainable indicators

Author(s): A. I. Che-Ani, M. Jamil, M. F. M. Zain, M. F. I. Mohd-Nor & N. Mohd-Tawil

Living in a residential high-rise is now becoming a lifestyle trend among the urban professional community in Malaysia.

As opposed to a landed property, in a residential high-rise, residents must set up a Management Corporation (MC) to regulate and manage all the amenities provided by the developer, as stipulated in the Strata Title Act of 1985.

To a certain extent, the idea seems to work successfully for a few years after the housing schemes are granted with the final title.

However, as time goes by and management becomes more ineffective, a gap grows between the residents and the council members of the MC, which is made up of a select group of residents.

This research focuses on the indicators for sustainable facility management.

We used residentsí satisfaction levels as the primary measurement criteria used to identify and measure the gap between the residents and the Management Corporation, and we analysed our data using ANOVA and MANOVA.

Further analysis is conducted using the Bonferonni test to determine differences among groups of respondents.

The findings of this research revealed that there were significant differences in terms of satisfaction between the Management Corporation and the residents, as the Management Corporation reported a higher level of satisfaction compared to the residents in every criterion.

facility, residential high-rise, satisfaction, sustainable indicators. ...

Pages: 10
Size: 282 kb
Paper DOI: 10.2495/SDP090602



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